3D Interior Design

3d interior design for french bar desgin

3d interior design for church

3d interior desgin for renovation project

Seven points to make a good 3d interior design
1.Good feeling for the atmosphere (style)
2.Realistic light setting (the connection between sun light and bulb light setting)
3.Realistic and high resolution texture
4.Comfortable and suitable camera angle
5.Correct proportion for the space
6.Harmony decoration
7.Good feeling for the color
Need to fully understand below before start:
1.the concept of the design
2.The theme of the presentation
3.The structure of the building
4.The material physical properties in reality
5.What feeling to present

We need to analyze more for the project itself, what visual angle to present for the image, render day view or night view? it’s cold style or warm style for the whole space? for the light setting, remember lighting is not just for illumination, more for the atmosphere, we need to make some different for the brightness and color of the lighting, no need to make every light setting the same, otherwise, it’s not easy to make an ideal effect.
And we need to pay attention more to the function and feeling for the design, and contrast more, then we’ll make an good 3d interior design.

3d iterior design for bar hall

3d interior design for entrance hall

3d interior design for church design

cafe renovation

The principal of the color arrangement
1.Should not more than three colors in the same space, white and black is not included;
2.Gold and silver match every color, but yellow not belong to gold, and silver not belong to grey white;
3.Usually the principal of the color arrangement for the house is:light color for the wall, middle color for the ground, and darker color for the furniture;
4.No warm color for the kitchen, but yellow style exception
5.Don’t use dark green color for the tile flooring;
6.Don’t put different texture but with same color scheme materials together, otherwise, you will get 50% chance to make mistake;
7.If you want to have modern warm style design for the house, don’t choose those stuffs with a lot of big flowers or small flowers, (plant exception), more plain color for the design;
8.The color of the ceiling should be lighter than the wall or same as the wall

3d interior design for bedroom

3d interior design for seaside sofa

3d interior design for living room

3d interior design for board room


What information we need to make a 3d interior design?

1.Usually, we need CAD for the floor plan and elevation
2.Referent images for the materials, better give us high resolution texture images
3.Referent images for the furniture
4.Referent images for the style you want for the final result
5.Color scheme for the space
6.CAD drawing for the ceiling, if no CAD, then we need referent images
7.Tell us what size you are going to print for the image,then we’ll render the image accordingly.

3d interior design for receition area

3d interior design for sofa presentation

3d interior design for zaha style reception

3d interior design for a stuff rest area

3d interior design merge with real sofa photo

3d interior design for living area

3d interior design modeling by sketchup

3d interior design for a arabic receiption

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