Architectural Rendering

architectural rendering for french bar renovation

architecture rendering with day view result in dubai

architectural rendering for renovation project in sweeden

There are three stages in 3d presentation, one is modeling, one is rendering, and the final one is touching 3d image by photoshop,  art basement is needed for the architectural rendering, why art basement is so emphasized? Because a great 3d presentation image is visual display for a new born building, it can give people a feeling of the most realistic visual effect. And architectural rendering as an important link of building performance, more because of its color, lighting, shadow, and positioning of the ambient accurately, which carrying the essence of the whole building performance work. Skilled use of various architectural rendering technique can work well in architectural rendering, 

Here are four architectural rendering of light Settings:
1, Directional light (parallel light) : parallel light is a light source is similar to the sun.This architectural rendering of light setting is not from a particular point, but in one direction and has same optical density.
2, Spot light : it is tapered beam. It shows two coaxial cone on graphical
3, Ambient light: this kind of architectural rendering can be used in the dark area (no direction).The position of the Ambient light won’t affect the lighting effect, , because the ambient light in the scene are the same optical density.
4, Light bulbs : used as a point source, it can light up the space around.


architectural rendering for arabia area

architectural rendering for America designer

architectural rendering for dubai artist


Eight points to make your architectural rendering amazing

1.logical your lights, make every light as reasonable as possible, no matte the light is coming from the bulb, the outside, or from the hidden area. Of course , you can make it a little bit more for a better effect.
2.use dark boldly, if the area is near dark, then we can try to use dark boldly to make a more contrast effect, make the image shape and amazing visual rendering.
3.Night view not equal with dark scene, when rendering a night view, no need to turn down the intensity of all lights, we can light up the building or character from its side or from the back with full intensity of lighting, even we can give it a tint of blue. This light setting will be better than lighting from the front.
4.Use high resolution texture, be care for the color, the pattern, the rate of the size
5.Set a sharp camera angle, make the architectural subject in the center, be care for the position of the camera, and the height of the camera point
6.Try to find a referent image for the light setting, and some details
7.For the landscape, should be match the style of the local landscape, and match the building style.
8.After the architectural rendering, need to use Photoshop enhance the rendering effect

architectural rendering for renovation project in sweedne

architectural rendering for America designer

architecture rendering for dubai project

architectural rendering for dubai 3d project

architectural rendering for Malasia designer

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architecture rendering for caribbean seaside project

merge with 3d architecture for renovation project in USA

merge with 3d architectural modeling

architectural rendering for sweeden designer merge with 3d

architectural rendering with night view result

architectural rendering in dubai by British designer

business 3d project for sweeden designer

architectural rendering for talented art student

architectural rendering for small town animation project

3d small town animation

civil 3d in home design 3d

architectural rendering in dubai

arabic 3d rendering project for British designer

architecture rendering for a lobby with dersert plants

architectural rendering for church 3d design

architecture rendering with twilight

renovation project merge with real picture in home design 3d

architecture rendering with night view result for sweeden

architectural rendering for lobby renovation

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